Does anyone know if Friendica can crosspost to other platforms, like Mastodon can with Titter?

@strypey I've seen posts in GNU social timelines, clicked the author, and instead of a mastodon or gnu social profile it's a diaspora or friendica page. And for whatever reason, I can't follow them. Crossposting doesn't even seem to be required.. it seems to be automaticly integrated.

@resist1984 AFAIK Friendica automatically connects over , , and protocols. If someone on GNU social is following a Friendica user, you might see posts from apps using any of those in their timeline. What I'm asking though, is about Friendica crossposting *outside* the fediverse. To Titter etc.

@resist1984 I'm thinking about self-hosting to put the blog on the fediverse. I'm drawn to Friendica, but I like the fact I can syndicate my Mastodon posts to Titter, so I'm not just preaching to the choir.

@strypey I suppose you need a twtr acct for that?

I've been driven off twtr by an ultimatum demanding I supply a phone#. I'm happy to be off twtr for the most part but there are times I need to reach an organization there & I'm blocked (b/c twtr isn't getting a phone# from me).

> I suppose you need a twtr acct for that?

Yes. I haven't given Titter a phone # and AFAIK my account is still working. Maybe it helps that my avatar is my face, and it is here, and it's the same pic I use pretty much everywhere else.

@strypey AFAIK the ph# is mandatory if you use Tor. Even grandfathered accounts will (for no obvious reason) suddenly get locked until a ph# is given.

Not sure if the pic matters on twtr but ppl have reported the opposite effect on Facebook. That is, after assigning a human pic FB demanded phone verification.

@resist1984 ah. I haven't bothered with Tor yet, although I am using a VPN, but Titter hasn't chucked a hissyfit about that as yet ;)

@Strypey I don't use it personally but I remember it can post to a number of outside services. Twitter was one of these. Whether it still can depends on Twitter policies which I'm told can be fickle.
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