For years I've been wanting to see political candidates fronting up online, just as they used to have street corner meetings when I was a child. One problem is, any online tool that allows participation from random users is going to get headaches from spam, trolling, and abuse. So when they moderate, as they must, they're opened up to accusations of filtering out the hard questions from their critics, and supporters of their opponents.

Listening to 's opening monologue on the latest episode of (136), it occurs to me one way to front-foot this is to actively invite dissenters from a wide range of viewpoints. People who you know can make their points without getting down in the gutter. Maybe seeding discussions with opening comments from a range of supporters and dissenters would even lift the tone of the contributions coming in from randoms?

There's a section towards the end of the episode that literally brought tears to my eyes, where reminds us that we all need beauty, creativity, soul food, all the more so in times of frustrating life or death struggle. I've been neglecting my creative passions for too long, because like Douglas, I fear that it's an indulgent use of time in a planetary emergency. Brigitte's reminders of "bread and roses" is timely.

Or we could try to arrange a platform with an impartialmoderator or a moderation team consisting of each candidate's representatives... well it sounds naive noe that I spelled it out

@Wolf480pl naive? Not at all. But it does assume the existence of people capable of systemic/ stage 4+ cognition, who can apply moderation according to a reasonably consistent set of principles, rather than their personal team loyalties.

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