"Over the next decade, Generation X will inherit control of states and other major institutions from the Baby Boomers. The subcultural mode is native for Generation X—which suggests that politics may soon shift toward a more Archipelagian, and less polarized, model."

I've seen it suggested that the Millenials, like the Boomers, are a population bulge, meaning that there will never be a time when Gen X has anywhere near a majority in electoral politics. In this model, as the Boomers decline, Gen X is skipped and the torch of power over social and political institutions is passed directly to Millenials, who seem to be just as polarized as Boomers, if not more so.

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@strypey feels pretty hopeless. Combined with the increasing difficulty of leveling up to stage4 and unlocking systematic mode, it seems like our civilization is doomed to fail.

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we have already had Gen X'ers in power in the UK during the Cameron era, they made a bloody awful mess of things.

Mark Rutte (NL) is Gen X, so is Emmanuel Macron (FR). There are probably others elsewhere in Europe.


Interesting. I wonder who their support base is though? Putting side their age, is there anything about their approach to politics that seems generational? I also wonder how many Gen X world leaders there have been? In my country () we've skipped straight from Boomers to a Millenial. I

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