The community have committed to giving all the profit from the sale of the (about US$10 per unit) to the developers of the OS software that runs on it:

I understand that a big chunk of the much higher cost of the (relative to the PinePhone) is because they are also giving a lot of funding to developers working on porting GNU/Linux OS and apps to mobile. Pine64 have promised full transparency about how much funding comes in and how it's shared out. It would be great to see @purism do the same.

@strypey @purism

Hmm, the phrasing sounds accusatory, and #FUD.ish. On the other hand, you can see in every monthly report mentions where #Purism has upstreamed software fixes and enhancements, which are then available to every project/linux flavour. I suppose that is different from giving money specifically to app devs.

@Amgine from what I've read quite a bit of the premium price being asked for the Librem5 (compared to PinePhone) is for employing people to work on software for it. Which is great. I'm just saying it would be good to see a breakdown of that. Maybe there already is one somewhere but I haven't found it yet.

@Amgine Pine64 haven't received any money yet, having not to pre-orders years before shipping product, but have said they will provide exactly that breakdown. Which is why I'm asking if Purism will.

> Targeting only one group for sunshine seemed, to me, to suggest a bias.

LOL. See:

@Amgine any advance on 'we gave some of this huge ticket price to some software devs' would be progress. If you skim the forum thread I linked, you'll see I'm actually a champion of @purism . I know what criticisms they getting within the community, and I want to see them being transparent for their own good, as much as for everyone else's.

@strypey YESSSSSS! This is how open source hardware companies need to operate.

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