So we're clear, I am not involved in any of those project, nor am I lobbying for them. I do think they've got some points though, and I'm kinda surprised at how strongly you are reacting against them. For one, I haven't seen any of them trying to hijack FOSS (do you have links?)

I need to finish some work, but will come back to the thread when I can...


> I haven't seen any of them trying to hijack FOSS

What's meant by that is most of the people pushing these shareware licenses have claimed the projects are still "open source" (they're not), thus hijacking the goodwill associated with that term. The Licence0 blog is full of references to "open source" and claims that relicensing code (so it's no longer open source although they obfuscate that) solves the open source funding crisis. It can't.

@mayel shareware isn't a new model. It didn't work in the 90s when they tried to get money out of enterprise users and it's unlikely to work now. I don't mind them trying as long as they're honest that it means giving up on open source, not finding a novel way to fund it.

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