how do you deal with the discontinuation of #ostatus support in Mastodon? My current solution is to keep my old GS account active to be able to follow and interacti with GNUSocial and PostActiv users ...

@lohang are there still postActiv users? It's code forge and website have been offline for ages and I think it's pretty much a dead project. I'm not sure there's much more work being done on GS these days.

@strypey @clacke oh I had no idea about #PostActiv 's situation. I assumed it was due to some federation issue that I didn't get to see 's posts in a while :-/

I still interact with several GS users though, and these interactions started way back in #identica days, so I value them highly


@lohang I hope GS finishes/ merges their AP implementation soon, so they can become compatible with most of the fediverse (Mastodon was one of the few projects that even had OStatus support). But we've been waiting a while and I'm not holding my breath.

@lohang like @clacke says, is a solution, or a instance with the not-Zot federation plug-in working.

@lohang @clacke @strypey Thing are happening here and the idea is to merge with mmn when things are ready I believe.

@tuttle wow, that looks very active :) Thanks for sharing the link. They should update the webpage to reflect this. @clacke @strypey

@lohang Agreed. The disconnect between the public face (homepage etc) and active dev group leaves me with the impression that the original maintainers have mostly abandoned the project, but haven't handed over the keys to their successors. A few updates about the current status over official channels would do a lot to reassure everyone about the sustainability of the project.
@tuttle @clacke @lnxw48a1

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