Just installed app via @fdroidorg , couldn't login. Next step is to try it in the browser instead. My Android is ancient (4.4.4), so that could be something to do with it? But every other app I've installed on it from works fine, including some quite demanding ones like + and .

@strypey I think Movim still uses the webview in the app, not sure what's the support of webview on android 4. Also, the login is kinda funny and for a couple of seconds it may look like nothing is happening, while it's probably talking to the XMPP server in the background

@strypey @fdroidorg it just doesn't show you the apps that won't work on 4.4.4

@Wolf480pl well ... yes ... in theory, but I don't blame app makers for taking an "if you're lucky" approach to release testing on versions of Android that are past EoL. Also my version of the ancient Android is an obscure Chinese fork, so I'm amazed stuff works as well as it does.

@strypey @fdroidorg AFAIK you need to chose which version you support at compile time, and there's a chance it won't compile if you specify artificially lower version.

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