I am not going to miss the current UI crashing my browser. I've been beta testing the new 2.0 UI, and while it's still pretty rough around the edges, with a number of features still to be implemented and a lot of stuff to be tweaked, it's got a *much* smaller memory footprint.

@strypey do you find Loomio useful? We were talking about using it for coordinating tasks in our (fairly small) hackspace at one point but never took it up in the end.

@highfellow Loomio is useful if you want to do your decision-making online, make decisions explicit, and have a record of them. 2.0 will make it more user-friendly when it's ready. If you wouldn't use the decision-making tools and just need a forum for chatter among a bounded group, something like is probably better, or even just a mailing list.

@strypey we are currently using Telegram for that. Something that might be useful is to be able to manage group TODO lists - lists of big and small jobs that members can take on when they have time.

@highfellow doesn't sound like Loomio is what you're after. Do you want these task lists to be public or private? What about just putting them on wikipages? Is it important to be able to do things like break tasks into subtasks, group them dynamically (including have a task in multiple lists), and have them added to a 'done' list when they're ticked off?

@strypey loomio might be good for decisions. For the lists, ticking things off would be useful.

@highfellow The main risk I've found with using multiple swiss army knife tools is tool fatigue, and confusion about which bits,of which tool is being used for what. That said, Loomio polls can be used somewhat independently of the discussion threads. They have developed some integration with other discussion platforms (eg Slack), so it might be possible to integrate polls with the Telegram API?

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