Some interesting stuff here about how the is perceived from the outside, by people who either haven't interacted with it yet, or are new to it. These kinds of questions could form the basis of a fediverse FAQ, with answers expressed in the simplest possible language (with pictures and diagrams), that covers everything general to the fediverse as a whole, and points of which things vary from software to software.

@strypey to me federated fandom best served with everyone having their own blog and syndicating to somewhere fediverse or not, even an RSS planet would do


@jgmac1106 what does ...
> having their own blog

...mean in practice? A Blogo-text instance on YUNOhost? A WP instance on Sandstorm? An account on a Plume, Friendica, Hubzilla instance? What counts, what doesn't, and Why?

@jgmac1106 Also, from what's mentioned in the linked page, a blog covers only a fraction of the use cases. What about forums? Podcasts? Vlogs?

@strypey yeah I don't have solution to vidtbut if short vlogs they are just a bigger file. Intrigued by stuff like PeerTube.

Its not a blog to replace all the things. Just a desire to play in places that play nice with my blog.

@strypey any network would cut across all the places but still think best served when folks work on their own little corner in a push/pull manner

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