"If we were Facebook, we would choose which stories each user ought to see. But that’s ridiculous. It sounds like Moscow, 1934."

Farcebook as the of digital totalitarianism. I never thought of it quite like this, but it's bang on.

This quote is from Gelenter's 'Manifesto' for , yet another attempt at a social media . The ideas are intriguing, but I've heard most of them before from , , , , and all sorts of other social media blockchain projects:

@strypey I As much as I despise FB, think the manifesto starts off a false premise that Facebook owes anyone anything. They are not government. It's not their job (or obligation) to uphold any parts of Bill of Rights — they don't owe free speech to anyone. "Pravda" was the official newspaper of the Soviet government, and I'm not sure Facebook forces people to join, makes it mandatory to read it, or requires a visa and government approval for anyone willing to leave it.

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