Hey , have you heard of HTML? It's this great tool that allows you to display text, graphics, audio, and video in a web page (with some CSS for layout), without any need for . Check it out!

@strypey indeed I was disturbed with #CloudFlare & #Cloudfront's non-free #javascript being a precondition to get the slightest amount of text on #BountySource. I'm considering boycotting Bountysource if I can find a viable alternative. BountySource's devotion to MS #Github & their willingness to support #Paypal is also disturbing.

@strypey To be clear about the #Github ties, #BountySource uses GH themselves and also state this in their FaQ: "GitHub Organizations are automatically created as teams on Bountysource". #deleteGithub

@strypey actually, s/willingness to support #Paypal/loyalty to Paypal/. I should have said loyalty b/c #BountySource exclusively accepts PP. You cannot use BountySource w/out paypal. So #boycott on. #cancelPayPal

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