it's such a meme that Mastodon has decided that the "there are no nazis" hill is the one they wanna die on like you know how federation work right babe, you're the one who put it in the software, yeah babe?

@pea this is what happens when politics becomes a substitute for religion. Liberal Safer Spaces Policing has way more in common with the Exclusive Brethren than members of either church would be comfortable admitting. Thou shalt not yoke thyself together with unbelievers ...

We could all learn something from the demise of a 20th century Marxist federation called the . The French section of the SI gradually kicked out all the other sections, until they were the only one left. Then they gradually kicked out various factions within the surviving SI group, until there was only one left with 2 members. then kicked out the other member, and eventually ended his own SI membership by killing himself.


Chances are the same instances that block any instance that isn't blocking Gab, will start finding other reasons to block each other for lack of ideological purity. Eventually, they will federate with nobody, and start ejecting their own users until only the admins are left. If the fediverse is to survive, enough principled instance admins must refuse to join the witchfinding mania and use instance blocks only for spam, flooding etc.

@strypey i feel most of these mastodon instances have become what they hate and that is authoritarian
@1iceloops123 @strypey They don't care. Leftist authoritarianism is something they not-so-secret lust over.

"I admire Chinas basic dictatorship."
t. Justin Trudeau
@1iceloops123 @strypey Well to be more accurate, they hate just about everything.
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