We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case): f-droid.org/en/2019/07/16/stat

We know that our server is sometimes overloaded. Therefore, try this link if the official website doesn't work for you: web.archive.org/web/2019071706

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Good call. Thanks for being sane. Though I hope these political decisions will be kept at an absolute minimum.

@chebra all sounds very sensible to me, particularly the distinction between tools and platforms. I agree the app devs have the right to code their app however they see fit. I disagree with what did, because it creates a precedent for the developers of other software that implements standard protocols to be pressured to build in political blocks for all sorts of reason, and dogpiled if they don't. Reading between the lines, it seems like that's already happened to .

@strypey @fdroidorg
Agreed, I don't agree with Tusky either. A hardcoded block is exactly why we have OSS and rickrolling is just childish. I'm merely giving them the benefit of the doubt and will drop them if they do something like that again. Gab is clearly the moral bad guy, but how we deal with bad guys is what defines us. Tusky chose to get down on their level and use their methods. Fedilab and F-Droid are trying to find a higher level of morality, navigating through the maze carefully.

@chebra @strypey @fdroidorg Yeah, YOU'RE the moral ones, society has a great track record of the morally righteous making authoritarian dictations on behalf of its subjects. All you guys do is spend day in, day out finding things to restrict, ways to remove, to ban and then when no voice can be heard to defend itself, you slander them. You'll always fail, always. Keep trying to morally police speech, I'm sure that won't backfire.

@Fuzz this is essentially just the mirror image sermon to the one you're shadowboxing, one that everybody involved in this thread so far also disagrees with (for different reasons than you though). FWIW if you're trying to join a discussion in progress, it helps to build off what's been said so far in the thread, or at least the last few posts. BTW I'm happy to have a robust debate with anyone, but if your response to this post is to verbally wave your willy about, I'll be muting you too.

@strypey I really don't get this weird flex about muting people. Hey you said a thing that I don't agree with, better shape up or I'll be muting you! Who does that? I've only muted one person because he posted beheadings and I can't unsee that shit. But because I didn't conform to your preference in debate? Weird.

@Fuzz your boundary is beheadings. I have mine too. Just saying.

@strypey your boundary is the mildest disagreement.


@Fuzz this is the kind of willy-waving I was talking about. Do you have anything of substance to say? If so, I'm all ears.

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