So has announced they are in the process of removing support their codebase. Hopefully this will light a fire under the collective arse of whoever is managing the project, and the dozen or so instances still running it, and get support finished and merged.

@strypey aren't they hesitating with ActivityPub exactly because it's not mature enough and has gaps in documentation?

@chebra @strypey If so, that's a bad reason in the greater scope of things.

@farhan agreed. Besides AFAIK there is a working AP plugin (developed during a summer of code) that some instances are already using. If it doesn't get merged by the core project, they risk rendering themselves irrelevant once other projects start to drop OStatus support. With GNU social using AP there's scope for figuring out how to use its group elements to federate between Gs !groups and groups. With that working, there's an incentive for , etc to follow.

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