does an amazing job of allowing two or more people to do or video chat without any centralized servers involved. But I'm having a lot of trouble getting it to sync my contacts and text messages between apps on different devices, even when I have them open and running at the same time for quite a while. It's also too easy to lose your account if users remove the apps from all their devices without making a backup, and that doesn't seem to be possible with the app.

The UI of the mobile app is pretty good, but it could use work on the desktop client. Here's a side-by-side comparison with the desktop client, on the default desktop of GNU/Linux. The differences are subtle, and hard to fully appreciate without seeing them in use, but something about the Wire UI just feels more ... polished. If I could even had the option to change the colours in Jami to a darker palette, that would help I think.

... and here's the Jami screenshot. Note that despite the fact I'm pulling this directly from their repo, it's still using the old branding (Jami is still part of the GNU Project but they seem to be playing that down a bit in the visual branding since the rename).

@strypey Please note that the desktop client (jami-gnome) is a #gtk app and tries to follow the global gtk theme (at least to some extent)

@strypey Also, Wire is an #electron app (basically an embedded website) so comparing them isn't very fair as electron apps trade good looks with resource consumption


@Naughtylus Electron is neither here nor there. Take and , both native apps. Transmission has an elegant UI, minimal info per element, intuitive to navigate, tweaked a bit for each platform it runs on, but consistent across them. qBitTorrent is a great BT client, but the UI is a screaming hot mess that looks like a 1990s era Windows app. Jami isn't nearly as bad as it could be, but there's plenty of room for improvement. The Android app is much better than on GNU/Linux.

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