Does anyone know if still have plans that allow customers to use their own domain, since they shut down If so, is there a way to tell for sure whether a instance using an organizational domain name (eg is self-hosted, or hosted by GitLab? I'm maintaining a list of independent instances, in the hopes this will be helpful to when they're ready to roll out a beta:


With the dig command,

Then you can check the PTR or the IP

dig -x IP-address

And you can also check the IP at ripe if you want to see the ASN

@selea it's flattering that you're assuming a level competence I don't yet have ;) PRT? ripe? ASN? please?


Well you are a Trisquel user right? :P

Well, yet :)

PTR record - that is a DNS record that you use to check what domainname is associated with an IP-address. Used extensively for mailservers.

Ripe -
You can search for ASN'n there.
Try - and you should see some information about the IP range.

@selea thanks for the details, I'll give that a go.

> Well you are a Trisquel user right? :P

True, but is the most noob-friendly of the distros endorsed by the , which is why I use that and not, say, or ;)


Trisquel being noob-friendly makes me like it too, I just dont have time to tinker with my system.

@selea so if I dig and and get different IP addresses, does that mean they are not hosted by How do I know? Can't IP addresses be redirected like domain names can?


The fact that gitlab is hosted at google cloud :)
While uses a completely different provider :)

@selea OK, but what is it in those dig results that tells me that?


well, compare the result of dig against and :)

@selea yes, I did that, but what is it in those dig results that tells me that? Or do I need to search those IP addresses using one of those other tools you mention to get that information? Again ELI5! ;)

Does "independent" include Gitlab hosted by another party? I think I understand what you're trying to measure but I'm not sure "not on Gitlab.Com" is a meaningful measure of "decentralised". (Self hosted on Google cloud or AWS? Hosted by

@xurizaemon good questions. One crucial difference, for my purposes, between being hosted by GitLab Inc. (or whatever they're called) and anyone else is that federation decisions (whether to federate and if so, with who?) are made by someone other than GitLab Inc. I presume just pop out a GL instance in a container, so those decisions would be made by the group using it, not the hosting company. Not the case if it's just a custom domain posting to a project.

@dredmorbius there's quite a lot to unpack there ;) Which bit confused you?

@dredmorbius ah! The GitLab company was operating a GitLab hosting service called GitHost. I don't know whether they set it up or acquired it (as they did with ), but either way, they decided to shut it down, which happened at the end of last month.

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