"It is time to break up Facebook"

Finally, the are waking up to the fact that the problem with FarceBook is it's monopoly power, not it's lack of publishing ethics.

"Because Facebook so dominates social networking, it faces no market-based accountability. This means that every time Facebook messes up, we repeat an exhausting pattern: first outrage, then disappointment and, finally, resignation."

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But I'm not sure Hughes fully understands the problem either. Using anti-trust action to break FB into 5 smaller companies, is like breaking a cancerous tumour into 5 smaller ones. Before long, one would become dominant and either re-merge with the others, as FB has with acquisitions like SnapChat, WhatsApp, Oculus Rift. Or drive them out of business, the same way it did with Orkut, Friendster, Bebo, MySpace, G+, and dozens of others. (1/2)

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For "market-based accountability" to work, a minimum condition is that users have to be able to vote with their feet, and take their data and "social graph" (social network of "friends" and "followers") to another platform. It works best, as with email providers and cell phone carriers, if users can move to (or try out) another platform, while still being able to communicate and share with their friends on the old platform. Even the only does the second one, not the first. (2/2)

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