"It is time to break up Facebook"

Finally, the are waking up to the fact that the problem with FarceBook is it's monopoly power, not it's lack of publishing ethics.


"Because Facebook so dominates social networking, it faces no market-based accountability. This means that every time Facebook messes up, we repeat an exhausting pattern: first outrage, then disappointment and, finally, resignation."

But I'm not sure Hughes fully understands the problem either. Using anti-trust action to break FB into 5 smaller companies, is like breaking a cancerous tumour into 5 smaller ones. Before long, one would become dominant and either re-merge with the others, as FB has with acquisitions like SnapChat, WhatsApp, Oculus Rift. Or drive them out of business, the same way it did with Orkut, Friendster, Bebo, MySpace, G+, and dozens of others. (1/2)

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For "market-based accountability" to work, a minimum condition is that users have to be able to vote with their feet, and take their data and "social graph" (social network of "friends" and "followers") to another platform. It works best, as with email providers and cell phone carriers, if users can move to (or try out) another platform, while still being able to communicate and share with their friends on the old platform. Even the only does the second one, not the first. (2/2)

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Correction, FB acquired *Instagram*. SnapChat is not part of the FB empire (yet ;)

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"The most problematic aspect of Facebook’s power is Mark’s unilateral control over speech. There is no precedent for his ability to monitor, organize and even censor the conversations of two billion people."

Exactly. Which is why the 'it's only censorship when the goverment does it' line doesn't hold water. FB is now the world's biggest unelected government.

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@jack @strypey
did it not get all pwned^W acquired by AT&T?

@Wolf480pl @strypey nov this was way before. It was split into regions. Southern Bell still did the phone here until AT&T. My point was the break up didn’t help much if anything.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against splitting up FB, far from it. I agree with Hughes that the Instagram and WhatsApp acquisitions never ought to have been approved and reversing them is low-hanging fruit that needs to be plucked before they get digested. All I'm saying is regulating for and is more important to protecting both consumer rights and fair competition. Splitting up FB won't fix the similar problems with Goggle, the Amazone etc
@jack @Wolf480pl

@strypey @jack
someone should make tools for digesting the GDPR data dumps from big providers and converting and reuploading that data to different providers.

@Wolf480pl @strypey that’d be brilliant, Wolf. The Internet Archive project has done sone services. Like Google’s Blogger and tumblr.
@Wolf480pl But how could it be varified that those data dumps haven't been tempered with before reuploading?
@jack @strypey
@succfemboi @Wolf480pl @strypey I think that’s at least one issue people are struggling with. But they’ll have to learn to let go. The past is gone. I don’t expect anything I published online to stay there forever. It’s pretty ridiculous. I don’t need every conversation that was just “hi how are you?” Backed up. Lol
@jack @succfemboi @Wolf480pl @strypey it will be there forever, its funny you dont expect it, but internet has shown, it will be, especially now, forever be archived
@a7 @Wolf480pl @strypey @succfemboi oh yeah. But that’s exactly why I sorta feel like why bother. My blogs sad stuff are backed up. The internet will take care of anything worthwhile from the rest lol
Ya I get that, I miss some data, like the 50 bitcoins I had around 2009, that really is lost forever, internet doesnt back up local data and family threw that away.
@Wolf480pl @strypey @succfemboi
@a7 @Wolf480pl @strypey @succfemboi I had a handful around them too. Had my computer running the folding computations or whatever. Lol
Ya I mean then you could get like 1 a day from faucets with little effort, but we were just looking at it as cryptographic fun with no feature, I probably would of spent them on shitty stuff when bitcoin was at 50 a piece
@Wolf480pl @strypey @succfemboi
@a7 @Wolf480pl @strypey @succfemboi same here. It was just cool knowing the computer was fading such a new and unique thing.
@jack @Wolf480pl @strypey @succfemboi indeed those were those early days when you could run a tor exit node with out being banned from everything on your local network, it was just a different time
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@succfemboi @strypey @jack But who would want to verify it and why? If I have my posts from birdsite in a nice json or csv file, and want to repost them all on fedi, where I already can post anything I like, why shouldn't I be able to do it?

@Wolf480pl @strypey @succfemboi you should. And I don’t know if anything stopping you. I’ve been backing up my bird noises since 2007.
@succfemboi @strypey I never put anything worth keeping on G+ but yeah. There are other tools for other sites.
@strypey @Wolf480pl exactly. There are three companies minimum that need splitting. But they need alternatives too. Google Drive is unmatched. There’s nothing quite like FB. I don’t use FB though. Amazon I don’t know about. Since they sell you most of what you pay to store, I’m not sure how to see a breakup there.

I may just be thinking wrong however.
@a7 @strypey @Wolf480pl I agree on the splitting acquisitions. I don’t think FB can or should be saved.

I’m just not sure exactly what should be done with the others.
@strypey The biggest? Like, bigger than IMF? That's a bit far.

@null intriguing comparison. During the heydey of financial colonization ("structual adjustment"), the IMF effectively governed a lot of people. But I doubt it was ever 2 billion and I'd be very surprised if it is now. Go ahead, surprise me! I'd love to know more about their current operations


I'd rather not get bogged down in specifics, and honestly I'm not the person to whitecard on the topic anyway. But you're talking about FB censoring posts and comparing it to the literal financial strings that supersede nation states. Let me know when Facebook NGOs overthrow an oil rich country.

@null how do you think the got away with financial colonization? Part of it was a compliant news media whose corporate owners were making too much money out of it to allow proper reporting. A big part of how we pushed back was using the free and open internet to break the corporate media blockade, expose the grim realities of "structural adjustment" and organize against the IMF. FB replacing both the news media and the free net is incredibly dangerous.

@strypey here i am more a pessimist maybe. we replaced gatekeepers with incoherence and hysteria. nothing good was built up. name a good news source, even one.

@null .co.nz. . The . . . That was just off the top of my head. Need I go on? The "incoherence and hysteria" is a product of FB and the other , their proprietary algorithms, their tweaking for attention and ad revenue etc. Not the net as a technology, which as well as the corporate platforms, also gives me access to huge numbers of literature, lectures from academics, like etc

@strypey I really appreciate the reply, I had forgotten about this thread. That's a very underwhelming list, personally. TYT is just a metropolitan opinion column. Wikileaks good or bad is certainly isn't an impartial source of information, rather they work very hard to curate the perspective they inspire. ActOut is one I'm unfamiliar with, and perhaps it's the golden goose I've been seeking, but... again, I'm a pessimist.

The hysteria predated the internet, so I am rather certain it's not a product of the communication medium. The value of peer-review is in a rather existential crisis at the moment as well. The effects of rape culture in dog parks and all that. My thought is that so long as the media connects people, it will only be worth as much.

"Is certainly isn't" might crown my awful English phrases.

@null . . (livestream available and many shows now available as podcasts) (Australian), , and other public broadcasters now available to a global audience. But I'm pretty sceptical of the whole concept of "the news". As wrote about its origins and biases in 'Amusing Ourselves to Death', it's form derived from the telegraph, and however impartial it aims to be, it tends to distort the relative importance of information based on how "new" it is.

@strypey more to your point though, i don't think facebook gave us banana republics, nor did it destroy them. centralization is certainly a flawed design, but it's not like ap feeds are giving you a clear picture. hitchens said something like, "i pity anyone who gets their news from the news."
@strypey and people are free not to use facebook. kinda harder to leave a country
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