Any mastodonians have an #ebookServer or #documentServer solution they'd care to share?

And yes, the irony of asking this on a WWW service has occured....

Probably involving HTML, but also capable of talking to eBook readers such as #Kobo, or software such as #PocketBook or #FBReader. Should have bibliographic metadata, and serve PDF, ePub, mobi, djvu, and other formats. Possibly on demand.

Bonus for #OpenWRT solutions.

I ran one for a while and it's really rather good. My only complaint was that it is difficult to find or create decent looking themes.


And they have talked about ActivityPub implementation since 2015 I think


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Yep, I'll probably/definitely go back to running one if that ever happens


The last post I received from Chris Webber linked to an update he wrote on HN that basically suggested MediaGoblin is a dead project. Which is a shame, because there's a need for a media server that focused on curated collections/ galleries (eg all the talk videos, photos, slides, and paper, from Conference X), rather than feeds (, etc). He also said the federation code is almost done. Is there anyone out there keen to take over as maintainer?
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