Does anyone know of a web browser that only supports / and includes no support for JS?

@carcinopithecus no ;) What I'm getting at is that the bloated beasts we still call "web browsers" stopped being that some time ago. They've become something more like a JS thin-client for mainframes operated by corporations. A browser than only parsed the web (HTML/CSS) would be much less bloated, require fewer updates (I'm guessing), and wouldn't need et al.
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Throw in SVG and you can do gorgeous (semi-)interactive data visualization, too – or even build weird custom GUIs…

And heck, even partial page updates – the one thing actually giving JS a right to exist – could just be built into HTTP/HTML.

@phryk @strypey @carcinopithecus @ohyran @ckeen @arunisaac I'm in the middle of writing up what I see for replacing JavaScript in future browsers, but certainly the primary one would be to allow links and forms to insert their responses anywhere in their page!

Much like Intercooler.js implements.

And maybe I'll make some more progress on that this weekend. Perhaps throw in a note about SVG.

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