Hey GNU/Linux maintainers, it would be awesome if your homepages all had a standard page - something like - describing the default partition scheme your latest release sets up and why. There are so many options; partition table types, numbers and types of partitions, file systems, encryption or not, LVM or not. So much contradictory information on the web about them all. Being able to read and compare what distro mainainers say about it would be really helpful.

@strypey that'd be kinda hard. This varies depending on what kind of setup you've chosen on boot. Granted, if there was software that could let people collect stats like this and share it could help!

@jalcine I'm talking about the *default* partition scheme. The one that the installer sets up if you don't choose manual partitioning. Obviously I don't expect distro maintainers to find out what manual partition schemes users of their distro have set up ;)

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