@librelounge just listening to your episode on . I heard that FB announced plans to merge Messenger, , and , but according to the plan is more about inter-operation between the services. Although they do suggest that it will also involve merging accounts across the services, similar to when gOgle launched G+ and merged GMail and YT accounts into it:

@librelounge BTW Please, *please*, do an episode on . A nuanced and well-informed discussion about the various ways do and don't respect in the way they run that service would be tremendously helpful. My current understanding of the issues is here, comments and corrections welcome:


@librelounge there's an important difference between and centralized hosts like or . With WP and OSM, the value of their service is in the data. If they shut down, .org would already have a copy of the data, and anyone who set up a replacement service could import the data, and carry on. In fact, there are already mirrors and forks of Wikipedia data on other services. With Signal, the value is entirely embedded in the servers they run.

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