I just bought a used X60, with 4GB of RAM and a 480GB SSD, for 1030 RNB. The equivalent of about US$150 or 140 Euros. It definitely runs GNU/Linux (including ) and I'm hoping I can install on it.

I've spent a bit of time investigating what's involved in flashing the x60 with and sought some support from the community, who are very enthusiastic about it:

Today, I installed for the first time. They only release a 64-bit version that follows the (Free System Distribution Guidelines) so I've been waiting to own a 64-bit PC that doesn't need any proprietary blobs. Overall, the install experience was good, although IMHO the "password" advice is well out-of-date. There are a number of features I like, that the default Trisquel desktop doesn't have, like the feature. I've been looking for something like that for a while.


Is it possible to change the DE in PureOS? I am not really a fan of gnome at all

@selea there has been some work done on a edition:

I haven't tested this (still downloading the first batch of updates), but I presume that like any GNU/Linux distro, you can install the non-default DE of your choice from the command line, and choose it at login time.

@selea actually if I'm reading this blog post right, it suggests that is shipping as a secondary default DE in and has for some time.


Ah nice, I hope that there will be more DE's in the future too :)
I do prefer KDE over GNOME - for some reason I did hate gnome back in 2001, but now I use MATE - which is "old-gnomish"

@selea is the default DE in . Based on my experience so far, I would recommend that over for now. have still got a some work to do before both the OS and the apps and services are ready for primetime. Fair enough though, given the ambitious task they've set themselves, one that better funded companies like and have tried and failed.


I do hope, for everyones sake that @purism will succeed with PureOS and the Librem5. That would be the best for everyone :)

Have you tried any of the Librem machines?


@selea @purism devices are well and truly out of my price range (see the OP). But I know a libre game developer who bought one of their laptops as his everyday workstation and loves it. I've bought a month of librem.one credit though, and if their VPN works from China, we'll be cancelling our account and supporting that way instead.

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