@stolas@pleroma.site freedom of speech is just as essential democratic freedom and until recently, a mostly uncontroversial one. It's been demonized so I guess that counts as being turned into a monster.

@strypey @stolas Until recently it wasn't being used to give a pass to hate speech and fascism. It also wasn't being used to mean freedom from criticism or a right to be heard or given a platform.
It's become controversial because its use has become controversial and stretched beyond recognition.

We don't have it in my country, we have freedom of expression. It is not absolute,and to argue as such is absurd, but still we hear the same arguments.


@sophia @stolas@pleroma.site fighting fascism, and authoritarianism of any kind, is indeed important work. One of the most essential tools in that work is freedom from government restrictions on speech. In a digital environment, "government" includes *anyone* who has formal powers to remove your speech from public view. Restrictions on are inevitably used by authorities against the radical left. Claiming they're intended for white supremacists et al is just window dressing.

@sophia @stolas@pleroma.site
> "I’m glad we are sticking to violent extremism and terrorism. Once you go into fake news, damage to democracy and other forms of online harm it becomes very difficult."
- Rich Shera interview on

This guy from all but admits that "violent extremism" is being used as the thin end of the wedge, to justify a crackdown on information freedom that would otherwise be clearly unacceptable in any kind of democratic society.

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