.com is not available to folks in the EU, because it's publishers don't know how to protect their users' data. At least not well enough to comply with the minimal privacy and portability requirements of the . First time I've seen this ...

This time last year (April - May) was peak GDPR fail time. I still come across sites where I am blocked because of my European IP number. I wonder why you were identified as European.

I note how their failure is blamed on the GDPR regulation rather than an inability to disclose what they are up to. What next, the mafia unable to provide their services due to these nasty anti-exortion laws?

@fitheach @strypey

TBH I feel this is being done out of spite, I would be surprised if a USA local newspaper even has the capability to deliver ads to Europeans (for products that they would or could actually buy), but I always run adblockers so never see them anyway.

It might be a convenient excuse for reducing site running costs, whilst blaming "regulation" or not fixing sketchy broken software (UK local news sites are in similarly bad states, some don't even work well without adblockers)

I didn't keep notes on which publishers were blocking me due to my European IP, but I do remember it included some big, well-known names. To me it said two things: the crazy nature of online publishing with a reliance on (sometimes) dozens of advertisers and the fact the publishers couldn't (didn't want to) define what they were doing.


@fitheach @strypey

What I also find strange is that no European adtech companies whined about losing the revenue from the USA (unless they /did/ and the EU simply told them where to go).

As whenever I go to a "foreign" news site and anything like ads manage to slip through the blockers, they are in the local language, currency and often for products only available in that country..

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