Hey @funkwhale crew, I have heaps of musician friends who I've been telling for decades that the net and licenses can help them break them free of the corporate music industry exploitation was talking about in 2000:

I'm always on the lookout for software to recommend to them.

@funkwhale So I have a couple of questions about :
1) Is this something (groups of) artists can use to host their own music and make it available on the web? Or is it aimed more at fans.
2) What happens if music on an instance gets heaps of listens? Will it sap their bandwidth, or are you intending to implement something like so those listening can automatically contributing to the streaming, as with .
3) Is there a way to build a payment system into an instance?

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@strypey about the first question, yes, this is a use case we want to support. However Funkwhale started more as a audienc-oriented service, and we're still catching up to offer a decent experience to creators.

As for 2), if the listens are made from the original instance were the content was uploaded, yes, it will exclusively use their bandwidth. However if listens occur from other instances, the load will be spread (because each instance keep a short-lived cache of federated content)


have you checked out open.audio ?

it's funk whale instance.

i wonder, it has copy righted tracks. is it ok upload copyrighted tracks ?


@noorul I had some discussions in the 'verse with Elliot about the best way to import music from the into open.audio (which was done via the mirror on .org). It's a great resource.

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