I seem to be having trouble getting to the website of ('s answer to the ). Are they getting 'ed or something?

@xurizaemon @Jolter I got through really briefly, and then it stopped working again. That's what made me wonder about DDOS.

@xurizaemon @Jolter @strypey
Doesn't work from UPC Poland either.

$ dig
... status: NXDOMAIN, ... 600 IN SOA 2019040577 900 300 604800 3600 says there's no such domain

@xurizaemon @Jolter @strypey
$ whois

query_status: 210 PendingRelease
domain_datelastmodified: 2019-04-05T11:26:26+13:00
domain_datecancelled: 2019-04-05T11:26:26+13:00

Looks like they cancelled it?

> Looks like they cancelled it?

That seems unlikely. Maybe they forgot to pay their domain fees? Is there any way a griefer could spoof the cancellation of a domain name, pretending to be the person who registered it?
@xurizaemon @Jolter

@strypey @xurizaemon @Jolter
I don't know what the whois of an expired domain looks like, but my guess is it would look different.

Cancellation spoofing sounds like one way that'd lead to this result, but I don't know what other ways there are (expiration? legal takedown?), and don't feel competent to speculate what could be the reason.

IOW: whois says it's cancelled, don't ask me why.

@xurizaemon could this be the Harmful Digital Censorship Act at work perhaps?

Simplest explanation (forgot to renew) seems plausible...

But that's not what The Civilian would say! So what implausible scenarios can we dream up while we wait?
@Wolf480pl @Jolter

@xurizaemon the internet has finally become conscious and it doesn't have a sense of humour? ;P
@Wolf480pl @Jolter

And no, I don't think HDCA would release a domain, would make more sense to seize it
@Wolf480pl @Jolter

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