I've made a request, from an end user POV, for the SmallestFederatedWiki to be able to receive new wiki page creation requests via :

Can anyone with AP dev experience (and ideally familiar with ) help explain how this might from a dev POV?

> "I have consulted w3.org/TR/activitypub/ in order to understand this request. I'm not there yet. Maybe you could elaborate in terms used in the overview, client and server, for example. I imagine this could be implemented as a wiki server-side plugin similar to what we have done with RSS. Since the plugin would be receiving content it would help me to understand how you would expect identity to be handled."

Totally above my paygrade. Help?

@strypey Oh wow. I haven't had time to think about this yet but could be interesting.

(I also think evan prodromou and ward cunningham know each other?)


@cwebber Ward mentions hearing a talk about federation by Evan in an aside at the end of that GH comment ;)

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