The ethno-nationalist self-importance that underlies began long before Europeans set out to "civilize" the world in the 15th century. The ancient Greeks had four words describing all non-Greeks. "Keltoi", from which we get "celts" was their word for the "barbarians to the north", Libyans were the "barbarians to the south", etc. They passed it on to the Romans, who mixed it with Christianity and spread it across much of Europe, leading to the mass murders of the crusades. (1/2)


European colonization in the age of sail was just the metastasis of this cultural tumour, as it continued its spread beyond the organs of Europe. The "scientific racism" of the Victorian era was an ideological reaction to the beginnings of anti-racism in forms like the movement against human slavery. The only thing new about contemporary white supremacy is that it's not the "common sense" of any society, not even USAmerica, just a fringe belief desperate for attention.

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