On top of all their other questionable business activities, leading to boycotts against them by academic institutions in both the EU and US, I just learned that is also trying to censor peer-reviewed science that goes against the PR line of other corporations:

This really is the last straw. It's already unacceptable that an oligopoly of publishing corporations are making enormous unearned profits from their control of academic journals. But when they start actively sabotaging the integrity of the peer-reviewed literature, it's time for the editorial staff of every corporate-owned journal to quit en masse, and set up new journals to continue their work as a , or even in the .

If you are a scientist or other academic who wants to publicly protest the censorship is trying to get away with, there is an open letter you can sign here:

BTW I hope anyone still towing the coporate PR line that there is no scientific evidence that can cause harm is paying attention to this. There is more published evidence than you think, and there's probably even more that the companies have either failed to publish (the same way tobacco companies failed to publish their results on cigarettes causing lung cancer), or managed to get censored through underhanded tactics like what happened at Elsevier.

has also been known to publish fake journals funded by pharmaceutical companies. It's great to see an increasing number of academic Martin Luthers starting to nail their own versions of the '99 Theses' to the digital front doors of these parasitic corporations.

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