Let's not let the net become a totalitarian where everyone lives in fear of their honest opinions being known, and where the only thing digitization has added to the mediasphere is granular surveillance, and increased concentration of media ownership on a global scale. Let's not do that, eh?

From the RIP Culture War article on :
"I think I was a pretty nice person who was willing to listen to and try to hammer out my differences with anyone. As a result of some of what I’ve described, I think I’ve become afraid, bitter, paranoid, and quick to assume that anyone who disagrees with me (along a dimension that too closely resembles some of the really bad people I’ve had to deal with) is a bad actor who needs to be discredited and destroyed. I don’t know how to fix this."

Personal story of a violent experience Show more

As is so often the case, that perpetual source of conceptual emoji sums it up nicely:

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