Because of abandoning support for 32-bit PCs, this bug in is unlikely to be fixed, and I may have to give up on trying to use the Wire desktop client on my 32-bit laptop:

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So having convinced a bunch of my family and friends to set up accounts on Wire and install it, I may have lost the main thing that made it attractive (a desktop client for 32-bit GNU/ Linux where voice calls work properly). At what point do I just give up on trying to be a purist, and buy a 2nd-hand MacBook for comms (and video editing, and ... and ... and ...) :(

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If even the staff of Software Freedom @conservancy are struggling to be software freedom purists, who am I to think I can sustain it?

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While I'm on a rant, it annoys me that I might have to retire my laptop in a year or two, even though the hardware is still working fine and dandy, just because even software seems to require more and more hardware power over time to do basically the same tasks. When I bought this laptop in 2010, it could run perfectly good voice and video calls over Skype on Windows XP! We must stop treating complex electronics as disposables.

@strypey That's windows for ya, they don't call it fatware for nothing! Linux Mint runs smooth as on the Dell Inspiron I got back in 2009.

@aran It would be nice to think that, but I've been running GNU/Linux on this laptop since about a year after I got it. Sadly, free code OS also bloat up over time, require more hardware power, and often stop supporting devices long before they stop being usable. Dropping 32-bit support being a classic example. Many devices are 32-bit!

@strypey @aran Is this about 32-bit in general or ia32 (i686) in particular? It's not clear from the announcement.

@strypey I'm still running Debian on a 64-bit laptop from 2010 but modern browsers are too big for its 4GB memory, which I didn't bother to upgrade yet.

@njoseph I used to have a lot of trouble with my browser until I installed . The problem is not the browser itself, but the screeds of badly engineered that almost every website tries to make it run. The problem gets worse the more tabs you have open at once.

@njoseph my laptop only has 2GB of RAM and the browser runs fine ( on 8)

@njoseph @strypey Yeah that's true, 4GB used to be great, but I had to up my 2009 Inspiron to 8GB in 2014.

@strypey Indeed, Moore's law gets completely eaten by the opposite pull in software. And the hardware manufacturers who externalize waste costs and profit from obsolescence seem perfect happy with that.

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