Hey fediverse admins, have you made sure your instance is being counted by ? I love being able to respond with that stats site URL when people say "nobody uses federated social networks" elsewhere on the web :) It now counts nodes running any one of 36 server apps, across 9 federation protocols, including , and , reporting about 2 1/2 million users.

@selea ah! make sense now :) It would be great if all the monitoring sites could share node data somehow ...

but only 1.3 million active in 6 months, and only 0.5 million active in the last month. That tells me that the majority are people that have tried it out but haven't stuck around.
@strypey That site tanks my browser when I try to view the Node List.
@strypey @jaywink Reporting a bug requires a GitHub account, which I do not (and will not) have. I did not see any other method of contact on the site.

The issue appears to be that the JS is loading the entire dataset before rendering, resulting in a very long page load that hangs Firefox v64. If there's a way to refactor it to load "pages" of nodes, that could be easier on resources for the initial load and only load subsequent entries when the user scrolls down. The data set is only going to get larger, so it needs a rendering method that's friendly to less beefy machines if the author intends for it to be used.

I'm on a machine with a Phenom IIx6 and 16 GB of RAM. Website scripts should not be tanking this hardware.

@zlg @strypey Yeah, it's a bit shit in performance. The reason is I decided to rewrite the crappy backend in Feb to more modern code, but I was struck for time, so I did a hasty job with the #GraphQL API - which was the first time I used GraphQL.

It worked fine until I added #ActivityPub platforms like #Mastodon ;) Now the node list just kills the browser. I just need to get around to rewriting the node list. I don't think paging is needed, it's the rendering of the list which dies imho.

@jaywink @strypey I'm not too familiar with JS when it comes to rendering: what causes the rendering stage to lag so much? Something to do with the DOM API?

@zlg @strypey I'm pretty sure it's the JS table I used from the previous site version that is not working with Vue very well. Need to replace it with a table designed for Vue. If that doesn't work - paging to the rescue :)

@zlg @strypey btw, there is a link to my homepage on the site and it has contact info, you're always welcome to send direct feedback as well, don't want GitHub to be the only channel. Like I will migrate the code soon to the #Feneas GitLab server anyway.

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