I've got a solution to the recycling problem. Pass a law that says that every company has to accept back any products they provide, when they reach end-of-life. So, for example, retailers would have to accept packaging waste back from customers, and the wholesaler that sold them the product would have to accept it back from them. Internalizing the cost of dealing with waste would motivate companies to make less disposable stuff, and find ways to make it easier to recycle:

@strypey agree about the packaging requirements supermarkets and other large firms (Amazon I’m looking to you here) have huge influence on the supply chain. I’d like to see a way of handling long term lifecycle waste but don’t know of anything practical yet


@dch there are solutions. I remember seeing a about biodegradable packaging made using wood waste and mushroom mycelium:

But at long as implementing them costs more than not implementing them, only niche social enterprises will bother. The costs of creating persistent waste needs to be pushed back onto the balance sheet of the businesses doing it. Then change will happen.

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