I've got a solution to the recycling problem. Pass a law that says that every company has to accept back any products they provide, when they reach end-of-life. So, for example, retailers would have to accept packaging waste back from customers, and the wholesaler that sold them the product would have to accept it back from them. Internalizing the cost of dealing with waste would motivate companies to make less disposable stuff, and find ways to make it easier to recycle:


The other solution, suggested a trust in Aotearoa who deal with e-waste is to make importers and manufacturers pay a waste disposal levy for every product they introduce into the country. The money would go into a pool to fund waste management projects, and the levy would reflect the real cost of disposing of a given product in an eco-friendly manner.

@strypey either option would have my support in a heartbeat. sad that these sort of practical initiatives always lose because its portrayed as "these rich eco elites want to make life even more expensive for the poor by increasing taxes", but i say connect the dots and realize not screwing over the planets in everyones best interest ultimately

@mlg of course that's the PR key message. How else would you make people join forces with the corporations who are trashing our habitat for short-term profit, against the environmental activists who are desperately trying to prevent that? Educating people that businesses are taxing the public, by making us pay for kerbside collection of rubbish they create for private profit, might help inoculate folks against that kind of PR.

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