In 2013, Maciej Cegłowski .in proposed the . The 6 web startups who won got $37 in seed funding and free promotion and networking help from Cegłowski. Various other companies got in on the game, offering small cash injections, or free credit for their online services. I find this oddly cool. It's like a web startup version of the way the Sanders campaign was funded (many small contributions):

Note that this was 3 years before published , and 4 years before @aral did his talk about unicorns
but it was motivated by a similar disillusionment with the model of financing internet services.

"Pinboard lets you bookmark from any browser, connect up to three Twitter accounts (and favorites), and sync with popular services like Instapaper or Pocket."

I wonder if we could convince Maciej Cegłowski to give users the option to choose three accounts to link instead (or some of each)?

Mastodon to #pinboard via IFTTT: - yes would be nice to have it built in but I think API is likely the way to do it,

Have been thinking about a cross poster which only applies when I boost or fave one of my own toots, a simple & fairly invisible way to flag that doesn't involve using a meaningless tag on Mastodon, cos I dislike seeing an #otherservice tag muddying up posts

Worth noting Maciej's / #pinboard response to #IFTTT attempt at fuckery in 2016 -

I do ♥️ maciej's work and am a big (lazy) fan of the service.

The Twitter to Pinboard thing is something I mean to turn off though, it logs too many random faves!

fediverse plumbing 

fediverse plumbing 

fediverse plumbing 

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