@LWFlouisa new instance again? From the domain name, it seems like you'll be politically safer on that one? BTW you might be interested in an essay I posted recently, which critiques Safer Spaces Policing:

@strypey Ah safer on Left Libertarianism? Seems most likely. Nice, will take a look.

I'm not entirely against safe space, just now it's been somewhat redefined to mean surpressing anything people politically disagree with, rather than using good argument to defend them.

@LWFlouisa my argument has always been that this mission creep is inherent in the idea of a "safer spaces policy", which implies Safer Spaces Policing. I've always argued for "guidelines" (which help keep us safe) instead of "ground rules" (which imply a ground ruler). See:

@strypey Ah so evidently it's not just something I've noticed. Diversity in general seems to mean something different depending on how you talk to. Such as: Twitter was cynically using diversity to try to point the finger at authors that don't include all the society approved minority groups in question, even Twitter's own end game largely runs counter to this.

I did only what I knew how to: parody this cynical behaviour in my work. It's just not as common a theme as "landlords that deprioritize gender non-conforming people in apartment disputes" thing.

In this case, gender non-comforming used to mean anyone who is trans, that has not yet transitioned, usually do to financial reasons.
@strypey This is very good, and well worded in a way that I probably could not.

Because of some mental health issues, have a tendency to ignore conversations where there is a lot of conflict. I handle conflict about as well ... as a toddler on a bullet train.

@LWFlouisa Thanks :) I'm pretty good with conflict. I'm lucky in that the violence I experienced in my childhood left me feeling like almost anything that happens isn't going to be as bad as that was, so I can handle it. Obviously there are major downsides to surviving childhood violence too (eg chronic depression and suicidal ideation), and I can see why similar experiences would make other people conflict-avoidant, but that's just how it panned out for me.

@strypey I'm not sure if it's conflict avoident really. It's this weird paradox of conflict avoidence, and vocally opposing things I percieve to be moral wrongs in some way.

Example: With people I don't know usually I avoid conflict. But with an ex room mate that steals 1,000 dollars from me, spends it all on tobacco, and has the gaul to call me spoiled for demanding my money back, apparently to her (which is weird as I'm super peaceful) I'm in fact dangerous.

So when I write self-inserts, often this seemingly opposed contradictory personality shows through sometimes.

@LWFlouisa I was a chubby little guy, and despite being chronically bullied from the time I started school, my parents wouldn't let me learn martial arts. I became a self-trained expert in de-escalation, because I had no choice but to depend on the gift of the gab to get me out of tight spots. The only time I can't handle conflict is when I get dogpiled by people using guilt trips and strawman arguments to shut down and prevent open discussion of what happened, and how to resolve it.

@strypey I don't remember if I ever witnessed those. I know it got semi-heated during the discussion of copyleft vs. copywrite for different creative properties. Which truth be told, I'm still not sure what my exact view is.

@LWFlouisa I've seen it in-person, mainly in activist circles. We also saw it happen to here on the fediverse. However "problematic" his comments about this or that might have been, there was no justification for dogpiling him off the fediverse entirely. What worries me is that the same tools used to do that could also be used to drive someone off for being trans, or gay, or POC, or for any arbitrary reason. It's a dangerous precedent, and its one of the reasons I'm speaking out now.

@LWFlouisa it was such a breath of fresh air to find 's writing and interviews on Safer Spaces Policing and how cultish it is. If I can bring their work to the attention of people who haven't seen it yet, I'll feel like I've contributed usefully.

@strypey Being trans is one thing, or even dogpiling on posts that are taken out of context.

I'll say things like my feelings about say, Tuxedo Mask, for example, that I just wonder how people would view me out of context.

In context, it makes way more sense.

But it seems like post meaning change seems to be common from those that like dogpiling.

@LWFlouisa there's some things that just feel safer discussed in a private space, where the number of people who have access to the conversation is finite, and those who have access are known. That's why I proposed the group for .

@strypey So for example: often times a childhood mystery I'm wanting to solve and expound upon, is never asked, because of the fear such a thing would be taken out of context.

Like why I think of Spain, when I think Tuxedo Mask.
@strypey Ex. I'm a trans woman, and have had pro trans "safe space" policing used against me.

Which, in effect, is the worst kind of descrimination, because it legitimizes those who don't consider trans women to be women.
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