Hey USAmercicans, I hear from some of you that you think your election systems are a bit shit:

I suggest you check out the , a non-partisan public service body that is responsible for overseeing all public elections in :

If every US state had one of these, to run their internal elections, then federal elections could be run as a collaboration between them. Also, proportional representation is cool, but in hindsight I wish NZ had gone for rather than .

@Wolf480pl yes, sorry for the ambiguity, both and are forms of . In we use MPP for central government elections, and STV for some local/ regional council elections. Having now voted in both styles of election, and seen the wider political effects (we've had MMP since the 1990s), I think STV is the better system.

@Wolf480pl MMP is easier to understand while voting. In MMP, you get two votes, party and person. In STV you get one vote but you rank candidates in order of how much you want them to get it. But after the election, MMP can create all sorts of confusing and sometimes non-representative outcomes. Small centrist parties don't have to declare who they would and wouldn't govern with before the election, so they can feint one way in their campaign, then join a coalition leaning the other way.

Btw. having seen Ranked Pairs, I think STV is pretty easy to understand :P

@Wolf480pl when was proposing to bring in proportional representation, there was a lot of concern that replacing "tick a box" with "put numbers in a bunch of boxes" would confuse people, and maybe even put them off voting at all. "Tick two boxes" was held to be an easier transition. I don't think this theory has panned out, because to under the two votes, you have to understand "party list MPs", "overhang seats", the 5% threshold for representation, the "coattail rule" exception to it etc

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