Does anyone know of a app for / ? Like a , but all the user can do is write, not edit, and export as . Basically the software version of a typewriter. Or a text editor with a 'compose' mode the user can toggle on and off? I have a terrible habit of distracting myself by editing as I write. Composing with pen and paper limits this, but then I have to type stuff up :-{

@strypey I'd be inclined to rig up a Molly guard for your backspace and arrow keys, and put the mouse out of reach, or something.


@artsyhonker Molly guard? Mouse is a touchpad, but I could find out (or set up) hotkeys to disable it during composing sessions ...

@strypey @artsyhonker Is it a Synaptics touch pad? I used to use syndaemon to make it behave.

@strypey A Molly guard is a physical cover for a button.

@artsyhonker ah, OK. I'm not sure how well that would work with my netbook keyboard, and I'm more looking for a software solution I can easily deploy if I switch devices. But thanks for the tip :-)

@artsyhonker @strypey

not heard of them called molly guards, but Ofcom (UK Communications Ministry) ordered ITV's playout centre to fit one of these over the large red "TAKE NEXT" button on a TV studio controller after an incident where England were playing football and just as they scored a goal someone pressed the button, causing the live feed to be cut across by adverts - on that particular system (which I've worked on) are completely impossible to stop once the button is pressed 😆 >>

@artsyhonker @strypey

ITV also got a large fine for doing this, as it was one of the first HD transmissions and loads of people had bought HD tellies specially to watch this match.

it was ITV's decision to have the system set up in that manner (making it impossible to stop an advert sequence) in the 1990s as they openly admitted that they considered the adverts to be more important than programme content...

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