have expressed interest in implementing , and are asking for detailed information on how to do that. Any suggestions for links to give them?

@strypey Federated #Dreamwidth would be SO AWESOME and do much to extend the platform's reach. Wohali in the linked discussion makes a valid point, though, that Dreamwidth circles are much finer-grained than Mastodon's "folower only" security level. Theoretically, though, DW could continue to have its (awesome) access controls on its own site while being compatible with federation on its outward face? If that makes sense?


@lj_writes I agree with Mike here, AP provides for many functions that aren't yet implemented across all the apps, because they couldn't be federated under (the older standard adopted from / ) or choices were made not to use them (eg groups in Mastodon). @mike can you recommend the DW crew a more general resource on implementing AP than the Mastodon one they are looking at?

@strypey @mike All the better! As both a DW and fediverse (mostly Mastodon) user I'd be thrilled if this was implemented.

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