Today I found videos of the presentations from 'Sowing the Seeds', the 2018 conference in . Here's the playlist for day 1:

Day 1 of Sowing the Seeds started off with a big picture overview by Michel Bauwens of the , and sociologist scholar and labour activist Professor Pun Ngai from the University of Hong Kong. She set out to place the movement in the context of the Chinese socialist revolution, and I'm looking forward to rewatch this video and try to understand more deeply what she was arguing:

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@strypey Good to have this thank u. D'you have a link for Michel's recorded talk? I'm having trouble navigating the site - hadn't previously found Pun Ngai's talk.

On a different plane, there are echoes of her theme in this audioslide presentation I did with a Chinese scholar (in a quite different field) earlier this year, trying to figure 'the 3rd radical science movement' - in China? And connect with P2P-commons.
Some context is sketched here

This presentations is fascinating @mike_hales , although I have very little familiarity with any of the academic history it covers, so I'm having to paddle hard to keep up ;-)

@strypey There are so many parallel histories! 'Radical science' & 'STS' are both worlds of their own. Sorry for the paddling-hard! But it's the nature of the world? We get into activist 'fragments' and lose sight of the other work & life that we really do need to be weaving together with. That's partly why I wrote the blog - bcos the presentation itself is in a specialist 'fragment'/bubble. But I do believe the politics join up, 70s New Left and today, radical science and P2P-commons.


@mike_hales by the time I got to the end of the presentation I could definitely see why you propose that the P2P/ commons movement is the "third movement", it definitely represents a turn towards and , just as much as it does a participatory approach to software development or design. is the archetypal early example, but there are so many others, like , , , even more rebellious sites like .

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