Here's a video of the session I tried to facilitate at in London a few months ago. Apologies for the patchy sound quality.

I finally got around to watching a bit of this video. The session was scheduled at the end of a a long, hot day of conferencing. But what made this session really tricky, was
that I'd envisioned it as a F2F for folks already active in (or at least aware of) the group on Loomio, but got a much more diverse bunch of people, wanting to discuss all sorts of things. It ended up requiring much more active facilitation than I was prepared for, and the result was a bit all over the place ;-P


For me, it kinds of sums up the disconnect that can exist between the very well-intentioned people who a) develop software, b) deploy software to support community-building goals, and c) use that software in their communities. I'm convinced that hosting more conversations that include all three kinds of people could lead to improvements in the of ethical tech, to the point where it's much better than any of the . That's my vision for the CTA and/or :

@strypey I was in Strypey's session, enjoyed it, recognise his difficulty when an unexpected assembly of folks showed. I'm a 'critical user' of 20 years, including 90s in Computer Supported Cooperative Work. So yes
"hosting more conversations that include all three kinds of people"
seems vital. I was a bit rattled by the tech sensibility of a couple of participants, them seeming so nerdy close to code and so far from lives (¿use cases?!) of none-code hackers.A culture hacker myself ;-)

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