Paywall: the Business of Scholarship is a documentary about vs. the publishing corporations who make massive profits as intermediaries, while the scholars who do the research, write the papers, and do the peer reviewing, do it all unpaid, as a public good.

@LPS thank you so much! I was just trying to find a copy, and every other site that is hosting it is blocked by the . Ironic, no?

@strypey that's amazing, glad it's helpful, and thanks for reminding me to watch this!

I left a message on their site as well imploring them to join us on the #fediverse and #federation. Right now I feel like the best thing we can do is enlighten as many people as possible, especially these type of projects, that alternatives exist.

@LPS absolutely. I was talking about this on here the other day, in response to a show I listened to from our public broadcaster. I think people in social movements know that loads of free/ open/ libre/ commons technologies are out there, made by people who in many cases share their values and concerns. But where do you start? How do you distinguish the mature, newbie-friendly tools from the alpha experiments and the stuff suitable only for CLI wizards with years of spellcasting skills?


@LPS that's why I really value folks like @Framasoft and their 'deGoogle-ify the Internet' guide, or the @fsf 's campaign, or the work done at . We need more work like this to help mere mortals get started with freedom-respecting software and services, and to educate ourselves and each other on the issues involved.

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