I notice that @richdecibels is using to work on a book on 'Patterns for Decentralised Organising'. It's not the sort of platform I'd normally be attracted to (not , dependencies on goOgle and DropBox, puts writing behind a paywall etc). But I'm tempted to try using it to finish 'Email Ate My Life', mainly for the opportunities for reader feedback, and the integrated payment system. Does anyone know of a free code platform that does the same things?

Rich has described his experiments with using Patreon, Medium, and LeanPub to seek revenue for his writing in this piece on the blog:

Thinking about getting paid for writing about the commons reminds me of another paradox. If nobody pays me for my writing, it's obvious to everyone that whatever I write is just my opinion. How people rate the accuracy of my writing is based purely on my reputation for doing good research and analysis (or not). If I'm getting paid to write, it risks introducing doubt about my editorial independence. This is a problem that could help to solve. But what do I do in the meantime?

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