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What would a partnership of indieweb and activitypub look like? Can they play nicely together? Or would they fight?

@bhaugen @KevinMarks @cwebber the main difference is that (as I understand it) is designed around the idea of everyone having a self-hosted homepage, which implements a bunch of simple-as-possible protocols, allowing those homepages to form a social network. Obviously quite different from the assumptions behind AP (a federation of servers, each with one or more users, each with a web or native client) or (a network of native clients that may have intermittent net access)

@strypey @bhaugen @KevinMarks @cwebber Not an expert but I don't think it's *necessarily* (although very common) about being self-hosted, it's about owning your identity and your data. e.g. micro.blog provides hosted services that adhere to indieweb protocols (and principles).

In some ways its closer to Hubzilla than Mastodon, IMO.

The reason I mention that (and hope I'm correct in saying so) is that I think it's vital that indieweb does not expect everyone will self-host.

@neil @bhaugen @KevinMarks @cwebber I could be wrong, but the indie.web always struck me as a very 'by developers, for developers' approach. Everything I've read about it, including all the stuff on their site, seems to be aimed at people who understand protocols and how to implement them.

@strypey @neil @bhaugen @KevinMarks I'm not really interested in "by developers, for developers", because my target is not "liberate developers", it is "liberate everyone"

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I recommend Virus of The Mind (R. Brodie), once you recognize software as memetic in nature, it becomes easier to see how to close the loop and make something which will have impact. Also helps with understanding why 99% of OSS software is "for developers".

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sorry if that came off as super condescending, please insert all the necessary "IMO"s for me :)


@cjd @cwebber @neil @bhaugen @KevinMarks I think it's a phenomenon we're all aware of, although there are different opinions about the ideal solution. Some devs still think the solution is for everyone to become a dev (and grow their own veges, and knit their own cardis, and ... ;) Thanks for the reading suggestion, any idea where I can get a copy?

@strypey @cwebber @neil @bhaugen @KevinMarks I guess it would be wrong and piratey of me to say libgen.io, so I won't, and so I'm really not sure :)

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