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@bleakgrey does support Pleroma as well as Mastodon? Any other apps?

@strypey Tootle heavily relies on Mastodon exclusive APIs, so I can't guarantee its work with Pleroma

@bleakgrey OK. Do you know if anyone has tested Tootle with a Pleroma server? The Pleroma devs intentionally followed the Mastodon client>server APIs, so there's a good chance it would work.

@strypey I've received some reports that it worked, but it required a manual auth token generation

Strypey ( refugee) @strypey

@bleakgrey hmm. I'm not sure what that is, and it definitely doesn't sound like a smooth for beginners ;) I'll put a note to that effect on the watchlist

@strypey Yeah, seems obscure and not user-friendly. I can't make it work with every single platform though, the project's cosebase would be enormous and hard to debug.

I stick to working with Mastodon only. It's quite limiting, but at least I can support it.

@bleakgrey have you looked at the server>client aspects of the spec? The idea is that if you support that, you can support any app that federates with AP, although for some reason Mastodon and Pleroma have decided to use a bespoke variant of server>client AP @Gargron @lain

@strypey @Gargron @bleakgrey the bespoke variant is the mastodon api which was implemented before AP was even used in mastodon. We also support the Gnu Social api in Pleroma which is like 10 years old.

@lain @Gargron @bleakgrey ok, thanks for the clarifications. So is there any plan to implement the AP server>client API in Mastodon/ Pleroma?