I'm off to update my backups and install 7 to my internal drive. Wish me luck!

Oops! I actually meant Trisquel *8* ;-P It installed fine, mounted my file partition as /home, and I did all the software updates, and now it's running pretty well.

Now to set up the repos so I can use the latest versions of the deblobbed kernel:

@jxself I've run into a problem with downloading your key. When I run:

> sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys F611A908FFA165C699584ED49D0DB31B545A3198

I get the response:

> gpg: no keyserver known (use option --keyserver)
> gpg: keyserver receive failed: bad URI

Is that user error on my end, or a problem on your end?

@strypey It sounds like the distro doesn't configure GPG with a default key server. Add --keyserver pool.sks-keyservers.net making the whole thing: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver pool.sks-keyservers.net --recv-keys F611A908FFA165C699584ED49D0DB31B545A3198

Thanks @jxself . The distro is 8. Has anyone else reported this issue with ?

@strypey @strypey You're the first person that mentioned it. Then again, the instructions were only updated a day or two ago. It's changed because the --with-fingerprint option from the old set of directions doesn't work in newer versions of GPG (v2.x) so I'm trying to find a single set of instructions that makes everyone happy. Thanks for telling me about it.

@jxself ok, so I'm probably the first person to try the new instructions on Flidas. No worries, and thanks for the quick response and the workaround. I'm installing now.

@strypey Probably the first to do so with a new installation, yes. I had tried the instructions with mine and they worked which is how they ended up on the website. But I had changed my GPG configuration to include that keyserver months ago so the instructions worked for me. I wasn't thinking/didn't realize my Flidas set up was non-standard.

@jxself easy thing to overlook. Happy to have been able to help. I guess this is a proof-of-concept for the idea that non-coders can contribute to free code software by providing friendly, detailed feedback to devs and distributors :)

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