Follow @frickhaditcoming if you like , might be more your speed. is intended more for older or less powerful hardware, or people who want to use a minimal DE and save their processing power for the apps they run on it. Both are forks (?) of 2 which were started by the distro when GNOME 3 came out, and massively increased the resource footprint of GNOME (mostly for Ubuntu's benefit).

I haven't touched it since the year of the linux desktop and e17 was released. It was the ultimate meme

@frickhaditcoming I was using about 3 years ago. My netbook had reached the point where E17 was the only DE that would run at a usable speed before I put the SSD in. The SSD made a *huge* difference and I'm back to the default GNOME Fallback DE of 7 (with T8 they switched to Mate as the default)

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