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What's up with -sharing these days? In the days of and there were dedicated communities of fans who would make the effort to share obscure stuff, cult classics, indie bands and films, work by little-known but under-appreciated artists. It's increasingly hard to download of anything that isn't high-profile US movies and TV shows, and top 40 albums. Am I just looking in the wrong places? Where is everyone?

I don't know where "everybody" is, I'm still on soulseek network through Nicotine+. Less users but still very useful.

@strypey I have been feeling the same way. There once was a mac-based networking software called Hotline I loved and miss the days of hanging in main directing inquiries to other servers or users after becoming part of an active user community.
I think a bunch of people are starting (like myself) self hosted servers of files, chat, and blogs for friends and family, because these other services have mainstreamed to the point of only providing the L.C.D. in filez available, not cool hunting stuff.

@strypey most of them are in closed communities with private trackers so they can't be located.