Like "intellectual property", "hate speech" is a propaganda phrase, vague enough that its meaning could gradually expand to include legitimate political opinions, and we've now seen those chickens come home to roost in the accusations of "antisemitism" against Jeremy Corbyn and the UK Labour party (ie criticism of the Israeli state's neo-fascist treatment of the Palestinian people = antisemitism - ).

Please don't use the propaganda phrase "hate speech", use a specific word or phrase that describes what you're talking about; discrimination, harassment, threats, stalking etc. These words and phrases can't be so easily weaponized against legitimate political opinions.


English comedian Rowan Atkinson (of Blackadder and Mr Bean fame) gave an speech about the importance of freedom of expression and resisting what he calls "the new intolerance". He makes an elegant and powerful case, starting by acknowledging his own privilege as a public figure. Brilliant stuff:

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